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Defeat Depression And Get Rid Of It !

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There are four most important things you need to know to defeat depression.
Look For Proper Medical Attention: Depression is a really serious matter and is not something that you should ever take it casually. There are many sophisticated and modernized techniques to cure depression from the grass root level. Surely, there is are options if you do not want to get stuck up with heavy dosage of medications, than you just have to prepare your self physically as well as mentally and do as your doctor prescribes.
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There are four most important things you need to know to defeat depression.
Look For Proper Medical Attention: Depression is a really serious matter and is not something that you should ever take it casually. There are many sophisticated and modernized techniques to cure depression from the grass root level. Surely, there is are options if you do not want to get stuck up with heavy dosage of medications, than you just have to prepare your self physically as well as mentally and do as your doctor prescribes.
Discuss With Someone: The most important thing is that a person who has previously went through depression can understand the problem of that person who is under going depression right now. This is important to know because it is particularly important to not expect to get compassion from others that do not understand your situation. Just search out for someone like a friend, colleague, pastor or even family member that you know has suffered depression in the past and be prepared to talk with them. Talk to them freely and try to understand how they managed to overcome their depression or are currently dealing with it can give great hope to you. It is also inspirational to have others that can realize your feelings and problems and not look at you judgmentally.
Proper Nutrition: One of the most important prospects of learning how to triumph over depression is to learn how to eat appropriately. If your body is not getting the proper nutrients in the proper balance then it can get stressed and this added stress on your body can straightly effect your depression. Hydration is also important, you want your body to have at least 8-10 glasses of water per day so it can function properly. Also take good vitamin and mineral supplement, fish oil supplement and something else recommended by renowned doctors is the supplement 5HTP. A good resource for understanding how to get your body the best nutrients is to visit a homeopathic practitioner. They can help you get on a healthy and nutritious diet that will get your body operating as it should.
Exercise: Last but not the least for helping you to learn how to defeat your depression is to get some exercise and work out. The problem with depression is you have low energy and desire to do anything other then curl up in a ball on the couch. This causes your body to get out of shape which then in turn causes you to get even more depressed. Motivate yourself to get at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday. It could be as easy as cutting butter or perhaps you may enjoy riding or trimming the lawn. Make sure to beat beat regular and tone your body and in turn the body will appreciate you.
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Deep Breathing

Mark Altman
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Deep breathing is a great way of promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, and trained voice are some disciplines that recognize the importance and effectiveness of deep breathing. Use the following deep breathing technique during any of the above activites or whenever you want to relax and energize your body.
It is natural to breathe using the diaphragm or lower abdomen. If you watch babies, you will see that they breathe this way. As we get older, stress and inactivity cause us to draw shorter, shallower breaths. These short breaths use only the upper chest instead of the lower abdomen. In times of stress the abdominal muscles tense up and make it almost impossible to breathe deeply and naturally. At first, the shock your body feels because of the increased oxygen intake during deep breathing exercises, may cause you to feel some dizziness.
A short breathing exercise:
Close your eyes, and hold your hands over your lower abdomen. Breath in deeply through your nose while you slowly count to 4. Feel your belly push out on your hands. Let the air in your abdomen expand your belly without any muscle tension. Breathe out through your mouth, feeling your hands moving back into your body.
Repeat this pattern until you feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed.
You may find it helpful to play calming and relaxing music during this exercise.

Decompression Sickness: The Perils of Excessive Air Pressure

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The article talks about the dangers that may develop through scuba diving.This sport or hobby have gained the approval of many because of the adventure and thrill it brings. However, many divers are not doing the necessary precautions that should be done to prevent unwanted effects from developing.
light-headedness, loss of consciousness, fatigue, treatment

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Adventure, thrill, and courage — these are the things that define scuba diving. Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This this kind of diving is the act of swimming under water with the use of self-contained breathing equipment and oxygen tanks. By carrying a source of compressed air, a scuba diver is able to stay underwater for longer periodsof time using simple breath-holding techniques. Scuba diving enables individuals to explore deeper undersea, rather than a few meters under the surface. However, this form of diving also carries with it the risks that other sporting activities possess. Recent studies show that the chance of dying while scuba diving is somewhat higher than boxing and is almost 40 times higher than playing football or water-skiing.
Many of the dangers that this activity posses are associated with pressure. A condition called decompression sickness usually occurs among scuba divers. As a diver breathes air into his lungs at the pressure that resembles that of the depth of water, pressure on his body also increases. The pressure increases rapidly underwater with the pressure doubling every 30 feet. After inhaling from a scuba cylinder at 30 feet, the act of rising to the surface results in the expansion of air in the chest as the air pressure declines. Because of this, the expanding air will need to escape, normally from the mouth or nose, bubbling its way to the surface. If the air passages become closed, the air may not be able to escape and will expand within the lungs, this may cause the lungs to erupt and cause life-threatening consequences. Air can escape from the erupted lung into the chest cavity, escape into the blood vessels, and carry bubbles to the heart and brain, which can be very fatal. This condition may cause breathing difficulties, chest pain, and sometimes death. Some of the usual symptoms of decompression sickness may include joint pain (most common symptom and may last for days or weeks) extreme fatigue, numbness, light-headedness, and skin rash. Other symptoms may include weakness in the arms or legs, loss of consciousness, and chest pain.
To minimize the risk of decompression sickness, divers should do the following:
Dive and rise slowly in the water, and don’t stay at your deepest depth longer than recommended. Scuba divers typically use dive tables that show how long you can remain at a given depth.
Do not fly within 24 hours after diving.
Don’t drink alcohol before diving.
Avoid hot tubs, saunas, or hot baths after diving.
Make sure you are well hydrated, well rested, and physically prepared before you scuba dive. If you recently had a serious illness, injury or surgery, talk to your doctor before diving.
Certain individuals should avoid scuba diving because of the health risks they might encounter. People who have a defect, asthma, history of ruptured lung, or heart disease should ask the approval of doctors and other health specialists before deciding to dive. Individuals with groin hernia that has not been repaired should avoid scuba diving since expanding gas in the hernia may cause symptoms.
Maintaining blood pressure and administering oxygen are some of the regular treatment for emergency sickness associated with scuba diving. The primary remedy for decompression sickness is the use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This chamber is a high-pressure chamber that allows the patient to receive 100% oxygen. This remedy can reverse the pressure changes that allowed gas bubbles to form. The chamber also helps drive nitrogen back to its liquid form, which is usually achieved in a couple of hours. Most cases of decompression sickness can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen. Doctors may suggest repeated treatments if symptoms of decompression sickness still remain.
Like other sports and hobbies, the dangers of scuba diving can be minimized if individuals will take the necessary safety measures. Individuals who want to engage in this activity should seek the approval of doctors to avoid other unwanted ailments from developing.

Decking Your Swimming Pools

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The professional pool constructors are not only specialists in setting up in-ground swimming pool but in designing and fabricating aesthetically gratifying and pleasing decks. Your pool designers help designing your pool in the best & favorable ways. They assist you determining the sizes of your pool.
automatic pool cleaners

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The professional pool constructors are not only specialists in setting up in-ground swimming pool but in designing and fabricating aesthetically gratifying and pleasing decks. Your pool designers help designing your pool in the best & favorable ways. They assist you determining the sizes of your pool.
Your pool builder may rightly advise you that larger is better, when it comes to planning your pool deck and lounging area. Specialized pool designers will automatically adjust your pool in regards to the sun and your own penchants. After agreeing upon your pool placement and materials, your pool constructor will help you decide what kind of decking and landscaping would best fulfill the dream that you have for your private paradise.
The popular materials used by constructors for practical and aesthetic reasons are teakwood, treated lumber, decorative building material, composite material, gunite, acrylic fiber, exposed aggregate, tile, natural stone, brick etc.
Maintenance is a crucial part of choosing your pool deck material. Your pool constructor can tell you the types of care essential for various material types. For example complex materials are synthetic and are generally build to mimic the appearance of wood. They are made from different materials including recycled plastics, wood and polymer resins. They are pricey, and demands less long-term maintenance. For great stability, your constructor may suggest granite decking. It can be costly but it will last forever.
The other well-liked alternative with pool builders is concrete and gunite. There are lots of expert swimming pool makers specializing in concrete and gunite. If you are with a pool planner about coating/furnishing your deck or pool interiors, concrete and gunite are also great alternatives.
Specialized pool constructors in gunite and concrete tend to be placed in warmer states. Because of the possibility of racking in extreme temperature shifts, gunite and concrete may not be the best options for colder climates. The next option for pool builders is acrylic. It is durable, long lasting and can be built to look like natural stone, brick or tile. It is available in different colors, patterns and textures.
While you are planning your pool deck with your pool builder, be sure that your pool constructor understands your idea. Make sure that your builder permits sufficient congregating space in the specialty areas like the barbeque and hot-tubs etc.
The best idea is consulting with quite a few pool builders before choosing the one to build your oasis. Talk to preceding clients of the pool builder and be sure you pick the pool builder with the best long-term satisfaction.

Decide to Quit Smoking

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I suppose that you want to stop smoking and you want to know how. In this post I want to remind you of your power, the power of decision, the power of action and the power of your focus. Also I want to assure you that you know how to quit, you were born as a nonsmoker, right?
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The real problem is the decision process. That’s right, it’s a process. It’s not a simple decision. It’s a decision that you want to change your state and your behavior. You should replace, something you’ve enjoyed doing it, with absolute nothing. The process for becoming a smoker is the same. In both cases the point is the same, you want to make a habit of a particular state, that you enjoy being. That’s the main reason why some people eat like crazy, when they quit. They miss the behavior, the everyday routine. Maybe you were never in the situation to understand how powerful a habit can be. The everyday repetition of the same process creates a very powerful link in your brain and your whole being. So, how to stop this behavior? How to decide to quit smoking?
As I already said in almost every post that I write, the decision is a process. I quit after 1, 5 years of trying to quit. What happened in that period? Well, first of all I questioned myself, and my habit, with all sorts of questions, and at the end I convinced myself that smoking is a very powerful habit, more emotional than physical, and I don’t need a cigarette anymore to control my state. I will do that without a cigarette.
Let me ask you something, is it really so important to inhale something bad, just to control your state? Here are some questions and tips that can help you understand your habit more. The key to deciding is to understand your habit and yourself.
Every time you light a cigarette, ask yourself why did you do that? Was it necessary? How did you feel? For example, if you were anxious, after smoking that cigarette did you gather strength to solve some problem? When you’re relaxing, notice what’s relaxing you, is it smoking, or the thought that you deserve to relax? Question yourself with as much question as you can, and you’ll find the solution.
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Debunking the Myths Concerning Acne and Skin Problems

Dennis Becker
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Isn’t skin a wonderful thing to have?
An obvious benefit of skin is that it protects our bodies’ internal organs from harmful elements like dirt, insects, bites, toxic chemicals, nasty weather, and the like, and it certainly is more attractive than what’s underneath.
When skin is healthy it’s nice to look at, but when it’s diseased, it can not only affect you physically, but more painfully can cause stress and social problems.
Like the common cold, acne and similar skin diseases can be treated and covered up, but cannot really be cured. The best treatment is prevention and knowledge about what makes your skin happy, so that you can avoid skin care enemies and breakout triggers.
The real cause of acne can vary from individual to individual, but some factors can be stated with relative certainty:
Acne occurs when pores or hair follicles become blocked or clogged.
There are basically 4 types of acne manifestations: whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and nodules.
Acne can appear pretty much anywhere on the skin, though it causes the most concern when it shows up on the face. The worst forms of acne break out, however, on the chest and back, and most commonly on males rather than females because of hormonal differences.
There are many common myths and untruths about acne, rosacea, and other skin care problems.
Some acne myths include “you’ll outgrow it, so leave it alone”, “being out in the sun helps acne”, “acne problems are directly or indirectly proportionate to sexual activity”, “acne visits dirty people”, “acne is contagious”, and too many more to list in this short article.
The sad thing is that belief in the myths can be devasting, in that proper treatment is avoided, and lifestyle changes that don’t need to be made can take away pleasure unnecessarily.
For example, at one point in my life, I truly believed that I was allergic to chocolate and that it caused my breakouts. Whenever I would succumb to the temptation and have “just a little” I would stress out waiting for the red spots, and sure enough they would appear.
After several years and much experimentation, I learned I had no allergy, the stress was a trigger for me, and a new over the counter face scrub has kept me in the clear ever since.
Knowing what triggers your breakouts can be the difference between constant battles and healthy skin. The Internet is a wonderful place to get the information you need, so stop stressing out and learn what it takes to put your best face forward.

Deathstalker Venom: From Poison To Cure?

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The Israeli Desert Scorpion, also known by the name Deathstalker, is known as the most dangerous and most venomous scorpion in the world. However, recent research has revealed that this particular scorpion’s venom has some potential use as pain relief medication for cancer patients, as well as use in treating diabetes and brain tumors.
pain relief

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For centuries, the desert-dwelling arachnids known as scorpions have been seen as creatures of dark repute. Their form is alien-looking to most humans, giving an air of otherworldliness. The secretive nature of the species has kept most humans from observing them thoroughly. Even if there were those who knew where to look, the venom in the scorpion’s stingers often sent fools scampering for pain relief within seconds of being stung. There are also the unlucky who suffer from agonizing pain and slow torment until the venom takes its course and leaves them dead. However, there are more aspects to the scorpion and its venom than pain and the need for pain relief and anti-venom.
Scorpions, like most venomous creatures, are the source of the cures to the very ills they cause. The best pain relief and antidote to scorpion venom is not some random medication, but anti-venom derived directly from the scorpion’s own lethal mix. One particular scorpion’s venom, however, is being studied very closely by some medical research groups. The Deathstalker, also known as the Israeli Desert Scorpion, is easily the most venomous scorpion in the world. The venom is a potent neurotoxin that causes intense pain, usually due to muscle spasms, and slow failure of the entire nervous system. The venom is surprisingly only rarely lethal in humans, unless a person is stung and gets extreme amounts of the poison. However, researchers have also found that the venom might have some use in medicine, quite ironically, to save lives.
The first possibility stems from the discovery that Deathstalker venom was found to be effective pain relief for cancer patients. It is unknown what specific component of the venom is interacting with the cancerous cells, but testing has shown that patients have shown that the pain is not as intense if the venom was applied. However, researchers are still attempting to eliminate all of the other possible factors, especially since the venom usually causes pain in patients without cancerous cells.
A related field of research to the one above is being conducted in the effects of the venom on people with brain tumors. There is a compound in the Deathstalker’s potent venom, the peptide chlorotoxin, that has shown potential in being used as a treatment for brain tumors in humans. The toxin compounds combine with the damaged cells and the components that cause the tumors, weakening them such that simple exposure to radiation can remove what’s left. The idea is still being put through extensive testing, but if the tests prove to be successful and the synthetic (and non-lethal) version of the venom proves to be just as effective as the real thing, it might see frequent use. The procedure for using it, according to estimates, would really be as simple as injecting a solution of the compounds into the patient’s head.
Finally, researchers have found that Deathstalker venom, or certain components within it that may or may not be possible to synthesize, can help control insulin levels. There is still much research being done to determine just what in the venom has this effect, as well as all the possible effects it could have on a person’s insulin levels. Still, there is quite a bit of optimism tied to the project, mostly because there is the possibility of using a synthetic form of the venom to treat diabetes.

Death On The Catwalk

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The article is about anorexia and bulimia, psychological disorders that have plagued the movie and fashion industry. Definition, common signs and symptoms, and treatment options for anorexia and bulimia are discussed in the article. The cases of Karen Carpenter and Princess Diana are also cited in the article to highlight the difficulties and dangers associated with these disorders.
depression, bulimia, diet, stress and anxiety

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In 2006, the organizers of the annual Madrid Fashion Show shocked the industry by issuing a ban on overly thin models. The organizers used the international standard for body mass index (BMI) to measure and determine if a model is within the accepted weight range based on height. The recent death of a South American fashion model due to starvation is seen as the reason for the ban. According to the organizers, they turned away 30 percent of models and other applicants who were clearly underweight. The main reason for the said ban was to highlight the growing epidemic of anorexia among models. Anorexia is defined as a psychosis disorder characterized by body image distortion , excessively low body weight, and irrational fear of gaining weight. One famous case of anorexia is that of Karen Carpenter, the famous singer who died in 1983 after a long battle with her disorder. Her death brought the problem of anorexia to the attention of the public.
The flip side of this disorder is also getting much attention not only in the fashion industry but also in medical circles. The number of cases of bulimia, an eating disorder and psychological condition, have increased steadily over the years. This disorder is characterized by recurrent binge eating that is followed by depression, vomiting, guilt, and self-condemnation. Binge eaters “punish” themselves by throwing up everything they ate; by starving themselves; or through excessive physical exercise. On famous case of bulimia involved the late Princess Diana. In a 1995 BBC interview, she admitted to having been diagnosed with bulimia. In that interview, Princess Diana said:
“I had bulimia for a number of years. And that’s like a secret disease. You inflict it upon yourself because your self-esteem is at a low ebb, and you don’t think you’re worthy or valuable. You fill your stomach up four or five times a day – some do it more – and it gives you a feeling of comfort. It’s like having a pair of arms around you, but it’s temporarily, temporary. Then you’re disgusted at the bloatedness of your stomach, and then you bring it all up again. And it’s a repetitive pattern which is very destructive to yourself.”
Like Princess Diana, most bulimics become compulsive eaters and later experience weight fluctuations. Binge eating is cause not by intense hunger but by the depression, stress and anxiety, and other distresses experienced by the bulimic. Some of the more common symptoms of bulimia include:
Secrecy and self-denial regarding the problem of eating disorder;
Odd eating behavior or excessive consumption of certain food;
Excessive, rigid exercise;
Stomach pain and other intestinal ailments; and
Frequent vomiting after meals.
The treatment of eating disorders is now one of the major concerns of the U.S. Department of Health, as well as other health agencies around the world. In the United Kingdom, bulimia-related mortality accounts for 10% of deaths among mentally ill individuals. The records show that at least 18% of deaths among the mentally ill is due to anorexia.
If diagnosed early, these eating disorders can be successfully treated. Aside from psychotherapy, other treatments for anorexia and bulimia include behavior modification, cognitive therapy, and the use of anti-psychotic drugs.
It takes professional care and personal determination to end the struggle with anorexia and bulimia. More than what is fed to the stomach, more attention should be given to what is fed to the minds of patients. Winning the battle against eating disorders is about reclaiming one’s self-esteem, and not just about managing one’s weight or eating habits.

Death In The Name Of Beauty

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This article discusses the recent increasing incidences of anorexia among women and its affects. It also includes campaigns that are set to promote awareness about this illness and people who are against it.
Depression, Infection

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The fashion world was recently saddened by the tragic demise of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, only a few months after the death of Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos. According to news reports, the 21-year-old model died of kidney malfunction and generalized infection that was caused by anorexia nervosa. In one television show where Ana Carolina’s mother was interviewed, Mrs. Macan (Macan being the real surname of Ana Carolina) reported that her daughter was pressured to refuse eating because some of her fellow models in Asia commented that she was still too fat. Thus, Ana Carolina was forced to undergo a deadly diet of only apples and tomatoes for several weeks. She was obsessed to lose weight because of her fear of not being hired for modeling engagements if she was not thin enough. After her death, the fashion industry implemented precautionary measures in response to the incident. Fashion show organizers in Madrid, London, and Milan refused to hire ultra-thin models and also required a specific body mass index among those that will be featured in the runway. According to these organizers, they want to exemplify an image of health and beauty among the viewers of the show who are mostly women, especially the young ones.
In contrast to this, an article in crosswalk.com mentioned that there has been a recent proliferation of pro-anorexia websites in the Internet which can easily be accessed by users. In these sites, anorexic lifestyles and an anorexic way of losing weight are promoted as well as convincing women that being thin, even to extremes, is what is beautiful. Together with frequent images of thin celebrities and models shown on television and magazines, websites like those mentioned earlier are factors highly influential in an increased rate of eating disorders among teenage and adult women. This is because the media can affect the outlook of most people to a great extent. Unsuspecting women who easily believe what they see fail to realize the dangers they involve themselves in when refusing or avoiding to eat. They are the ones more than willing to undergo the detrimental consequences of anorexia, all in the name of beauty.
Anorexia is a disorder where a person feels obsessed to be thin and is terrified of gaining weight. People with this condition always view themselves as fat and often refuse to eat. Because of not eating, nutrients in their body are reduced or diminished. The lack of nutrients that are needed by the body, therefore, makes a person prone to diseases and infections. The skin begins to look unhealthy and one will easily feel tired or fatigue even with minimal movement. Psychologically, people with anorexia may proceed to having anxiety disorders and depression. Their depressive states can make them prone to substance abuse as well. A lot of people with anorexia are said to have become alcoholics and drug-dependents, especially when compounded with conditions such as depression.
At present, a lot of famous celebrities and those in the fashion industry have made an effort in promoting to people, especially women, an increased awareness about anorexia. One of those well-known fashion icons is Tyra Banks. Tyra, because of her recent weight-gain, had received numerous negative remarks from her critics. In one of her shows, she discussed the issue of anorexia among models and its effects to ordinary viewers and the female population, in general. It was in the same show that the former supermodel encouraged women to feel confident about themselves no matter what body-size they have. Furthermore, Tyra recently launched her “So what?” campaign to promote self-confidence among women despite their being fat. People like Tyra, movements like “So what?” campaign, and incidents of deaths due to anorexia should constantly serve as reminders for women before they decide to take the deadly road towards beauty.

Death By Breathing

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Breathing is something that is integral to human survival, but it can also play a role in human mortality. The rather staggering number of things that can eventually kill a person in the air is at the highest level it has been since people started taking notice. With pollution, second-hand smoke, allergens, and bacteria floating around, it isn’t so hard to imagine someone dying because he breathed something in.
bacterial infection, second-hand smoke, side effects

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Breathing is part and parcel of the human condition. If you don’t breathe, you can’t really do much. The air around us, however, is not exactly as pure as it once was. Arguably, the air around us was never really that pure in the first place, but that’s delving a little too deep. In past ages, people sometimes feared drinking water during times of war because there was a very good chance it was poisoned by the enemy. An underhanded tactic, to be sure, but one that was used nonetheless. In the modern world, people may not be as paranoid about the air they breathe, but there is no denying that things like second-hand smoke and the possibility of airborne bacterial infection make breathing a hazardous thing.
You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about the potential side effects of breathing in second-hand smoke. You’ve probably been told that, since there’s no filter to reduce the amount of toxins and carcinogens, you’re at greater risk than smokers if you allow yourself to be exposed regularly. Smokers have the filters on their cigars and cigarettes to reduce the damage, but people who stand there and take in the second-hand smoke don’t have that protection. The potential consequences of prolonged exposure consists of a list of respiratory disorders covering everything from minor fits of coughing to something as severe as lung cancer.
Of course, it isn’t just the smoke from cigarettes and the like that you have to worry about. The modern atmosphere has, according to some estimates, more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than before. Some skeptics doubt the veracity of the claim that the air now is more toxic than at any other point in history, but that is mainly because there is a lack of evidence to prove for or against the theory. While radical, some people see the air quality of the typical urban community as being hazardous to a person’s health in the long-term, primarily due to the toxic components in it.
Science also has an impressive list of all sorts of airborne pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that are floating around. While most of them are relatively minor and carry only a minimal risk of bacterial infection, others are not as benign in nature. However, it doesn’t take a deliberate terrorist attack for someone to contract an illness by just breathing in the pathogens. Things like the common cold can be contracted because the viral or bacterial infection is airborne. While the common cold is something that everyone has to put up with and is far from lethal, it can do enough damage to the body’s immune system that other bacteria can step in and cause more damage. For some cases, such as Legionnaire’s Disease, all it really needs is an opening to do the dirty work.
According to some statistics, the amount of allergens in the air seems to be showing an increase over the past few decades. When allergen levels from 1968 were compared to levels in 1996 and 2006, there was a notable increasing trend in between. This problem can sometimes be more aggravated in well-developed urban environments, particularly in large-scale office buildings with internal climate control systems. Most office buildings also have centralized cooling systems that regulate the temperature of the entire building. The exhaust and intake ports of these systems can be perfect breeding grounds not only for various types of bacteria, but also a variety of allergens. As anyone who has an allergy understands, the intensity of the reactions can vary, but most of them inevitably cause discomfort and minor health concerns.